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Expanded Photography Section at

Fine Art Asia 2017

30 September - 3 October 2017, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

After the promising start of its debut photography section in 2016, Fine Art Asia 2017 is pleased to announce a larger section dedicated to photography this year. The fair will showcase a worldwide selection of galleries chosen by Boogie Woogie Photography Agency, and will present an eclectic selection of artworks from vintage to contemporary creations.

Zen Foto Gallery, Tokyo will present a private collection of vintage prints by renowned Japanese photographer Araki Nobuyoshi (b. 1940), as well as some collectible photography books. Araki Nobuyoshi is known for his erotic imagery. He became famous for “Un Voyage Sentimental” (“A Sentimental Journey”) (1971), a series of photos depicting both banal and deeply intimate scenes of his wife during their honeymoon. Araki often addresses subversive themes, such as Japanese rope bondage kinbaku, in his provocative depictions of female nudes. He typically works in black and white, and his hallmark style is deliberately casual. Today, his works are held in the collections of the Art Institute of Chicago, the Goetz Collection in Munich, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, among others.


Araki Nobuyoshi (b. 1940)
Fashionable Woman
Gelatin silver print
Image size: 19.6 x 24.4 cm
Paper size: 20.5 x 25.4 cm
Zen Foto Gallery, Tokyo


Blue Lotus Gallery, Hong Kong will exhibit outstanding vintage photographs by the celebrated photography master and film director, Ho Fan (1931-2016). Each photograph captures a moment in time, nostalgically documenting life in Hong Kong in the 1950s. Born in Shanghai, Hobegan taking photos at the early age of 10. In 1949, Ho Fan’s parents moved to Hong Kong, where he continued pursuing his passion for photography. Dubbed Fan “the Henri Cartier-Bresson of the East”, Ho Fan is renowned for his romantic use of light and shadow, and exquisite compositions. Fan Ho’s images of Hong Kong’s streets scenes and stalls, alleys and wet markets taken in the 1950s and 1960s, remain to this day some of the most iconic images of the city ever photographed. His works are held in major private and public collections, including the M+ Museum, Hong Kong, the Bibliothèque National de France, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Fan Ho (1931 – 2016)
A Day is Done
Hong Kong, 1957
Vintage silver gelatin print
H. 41 x W. 33 cm
Blue Lotus Gallery, Hong Kong

La Galerie Paris 1839, Hong Kong, presents unique polaroids by Hong Kong photographer, Almond Chu (b. 1962). Almond Chu graduated from the Tokyo College of Photography in 1986 and set up his own studio in Hong Kong in 1993. In the same year, he was awarded the Agfa Fellowship Young Photographer Award by the Asian Cultural Council and spent time in New York.  In 2005, he founded the art photography organization pH5 Photo Group to promote art photography in Hong Kong. He is also the founder of Hong Kong International Photo Festival. In the past decade, Chu has developed his conceptual series Parade, adapting digital techniques to enhance his work. The series stages imaginary parades, formed by repetitions of a single individual, always in historical and socially symbolic settings. His work has been exhibited all over the world, featured in numerous international publications, and collected by international museums and corporations.

Almond Chu (b. 1962)
Nude Holding a Buddha Head #51
H. 27.6 x W. 21.59 cm
La Galerie Paris 1839, Hong Kong
Novalis Contemporary Art Design, Hong Kong, presents recent works by the Italian photographer, Valentina Loffredo (b. 1978). Born in Naples, Italy, she moved to Hong Kong, where she once worked in the jewellery industry, in 2012. She approached photography as a tool to visualise her ideas and starting using Instagram to promote her work. Attention from the media and wider public led her to a following of 80,000 fans and her work to be featured in many international magazines including Huffington Post, Feature Shoot, Design Taxi, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Ignant, among others. In her series “As for Me, I’m very Little”, Loffredo leads us into her world of beauty, where feelings can take geometric shapes, solitude can be playful, and where being small presents all kinds of opportunities. Her work is currently included in the group showPersonal Structures - Open Borders, a collateral event of the 57th Venice Art Biennale.

Valentina Loffredo (b. 1978)
Fine art pigment print, edition of 8
H. 126 x W. 102 cm
Novalis Contemporary Art + Design, Hong Kong

Boogie Woogie Photography, Hong Kong will exhibit previously unseen silver prints by the French master photographer, Raymond Cauchetier (b. 1920) shot in Hong Kong and Macau in 1954.Largely self-taught, Cauchetier first began taking photographs while serving in the press corps of the French Air Force in Indochina in the 1930s. On his return to Paris, he began mixing with a circle of young film critics and filmmakers, among them Jean- Luc Godard and François Truffaut, which led to him becoming set photographer for many seminal films of the French New Wave cinema including A Bout de Souffle, Une Femme est Une Femme and Jules et Jim. Cauchetier shoots from the perspective of an invisible man – no one is looking back at his camera. The advice he gives to young photographers is always the same: follow your own path, and do not listen to advice.


Raymond Cauchetier (b. 1920)
Silver print
H. 60 x W. 50 cm
Boogie Woogie Photography, Hong Kong

  Shanghai Center of Photography (SCoP) is the first accredited not-for-profit art institution dedicated to photography in China. Founded by Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Liu Heung Shing in 2015, it is located on Shanghai’s West Bund Art Corridor and is the city’s premier museum for photography. SCoP is dedicated to all forms of photography, bringing new international and local perspectives to inspire local audiences and photographers, and providing a platform for the dynamic work of Chinese photographers. SCoP’s not-for-sale exhibition at Fine Art Asia 2017 will include works by Jiang Zhi (b. 1971) and Chen Man (b. 1980).

Jiang Zhi (b. 1971)
Love Letters No. 9
Archival inkjet print
Shanghai Center of Photography, Shanghai




Fair Organiser

Art & Antique International Fair Ltd (AAIF) was founded in 2005 by well-known antique Chinese furniture dealer Andy Hei to provide a vibrant new platform in the Hong Kong for the art world in Asia and worldwide. The company is the pioneer of art fairs in Hong Kong: its inaugural fair in 2006 was the first international art fair in Hong Kong in more than a decade.

In 2010, Fine Art Asia was recognised as Hong Kong’s first globally acclaimed non-corporate art enterprise brand, featuring internationally renowned fine art and jewellery exhibitors as well as attracting the world’s foremost collectors.

In 2011, Asian contemporary art collector and promoter Calvin Hui joined Fine Art Asia as Co-Chairman and Director, sharing his knowledge of the Asian art market and his public relations network to enhance and continue the expansion of the fair.

Art and Antique International Fair Ltd has successfully held 13 fairs in Hong Kong to date.




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