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Antique Silver, Fine Jewellery and Timepieces at

Fine Art Asia 2017
30 September – 3 October 2017, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Antique silver, jewellery and timepieces from both the West and Asia are well established categories at Fine Art Asia. All the leading international dealersfeatured here have exhibited at the fair for many years, some from the beginning. As usual, visitors will have an opportunity to appreciate and acquire fabulous pieces of distinction, each with a unique history and provenance.

Antique Silver

Koopman Rare Art, London, one of the world’s foremost dealers in fine antique silver, has built up some of the most important private collections of silver and worked closely with leading museums worldwide.



Highlights of Koopman Rare Art’s exhibition at Fine Art Asia 2017 includean exceptional pair of George IV silver-gilt ewers. The base of each ewer is modelled as a turtle with three satyrs seated on its back supporting the body on their arms and shoulders. The ovoid bodies are cast and chased with scenes of Romulus and Remus and the she-wolf, together with putti gambolling amongst the waves with sea monsters. The neck is decorated with shells and grotesque masks and the handle is formed of putti entwined with a dolphin and a faun.

A pair of George IV ewers
Marks: London, sterling standard, 1826-27, king’s head, maker’s mark of Edward Farrell (Grimwade no. 585); marked on underside of lip
Koopman Rare Art, London



Another highlight is a Chinese export silver canister, made in Canton, c. 1835. Of cylindrical form with lobed sides, the canister is embossed with alternating panels decorated with birds in blossoming trees, figural groups, rampant dragons and climbing bamboo and chrysanthemum. Each side of the canister has applied grotesque winged masks carrying ring handles. The cover is embossed with cloud dragons, terminating with a cast dragon and pearl finial.

A Chinese export silver 19th century canister
Canton, c. 1835 
Retailer’s mark of Cum Shing,  Old China Street, Canton, c.1775-1840
H. 23.5cm, W. 1,111.2g
Koopman Rare Art, London

Fine Jewellery

Boghossian, Geneva and Hong Kong stands for jewellery as art. For over a century, six generations of the Boghossian family, originally from the Middle East, have created high jewellery with the finest quality stones and workmanship, driven by their rich heritage, audacious designs and innovative craftsmanship. 

A highlight at Fine Art Asia 2017 will be a yellow diamond necklace and earrings from Boghossian’s unique “Les MerveillesReverso” collection. The necklace features 8 fancy light yellow to fancy yellow pear-shaped diamonds with a total of 37.56 carats, 14.74 carats of fancy yellow round brilliant diamonds and 16.95 round brilliant diamonds melee on the reverse. The earrings feature 2 fancy light yellow pear-shaped diamonds with a total of 13.63 carats, 4.24 carats of fancy yellow round brilliant diamonds and 4.95 carats round brilliant diamond melee on the reverse.

Les MerveillesReverso yellow diamond necklace and earrings
Boghossian, Geneva / London / Hong Kong

“Les Merveilles” collection features a new technique in jewellery design focusing on the pursuit of the purest light reflection in diamonds. In a feeling of magic, it allows precious stones to seamlessly sit beside one another, almost touching, giving the appearance of floating with little or no metal visible. This setting allows for an interrupted flow of light from one gem to the next, enhancing and magnifying their brightness.“Les MerveillesReverso” pieces can be worn in two distinct ways: one side is completely set with brilliant diamonds, while the other is a beautiful mix of brilliant diamonds and yellow diamonds.

Susan Ollemans, London specialises in Mughal and antique gold Indian jewellery, as well as antique gold articles from China and Southeast Asia, and Chinese works of art. Highlights of her exhibition at Fine Art Asia 2017 include a gold and enamel ring in the form of a rooster, from the Mughal Empire, India, dating from the 17th – 18th century. Depicting a rooster with a Basra pearl hanging from its beak, the ring is enamelled with white opaque enamel and red translucent eyes. The bird stands on a green enamelled base, the shank in Lal Zamin enamel. The top is screwed onto the base leaving a small concealed place where potions could be hidden. Exotic jewellery of this type was imported to Europe after Vasco da Gama discovered the sea route to India in 1498 and may have influenced Renaissance European jewellery. Early examples are held in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York and Kunstbibliothek Berlin.

Another important piece is a gold taka (double axe) pendant, from Central Flores, Ngada, Indonesia, 18th – 20th century.In Indonesian society, taka were the most valued heirlooms, handed down from generation to generation. They remained the property of the ancestors and were occasionally used as marriage gifts. Blood sacrifices normally had to be performed before taka were removed from hiding places for viewing or to be worn.


A gold and enamel ring in the form of a rooster
Mughal Empire, India
17 – 18th century
H. approx. 3 cm
Susan Ollemans, London

A gold Taka (double axe) pendant
Central Flores, Ngada, Indonesia
18 – 20th century
D. 7.2 x H. 7 cm, W. 34.7 g
Susan Ollemans, London




Somlo Antiques, London is the UK’s leading specialist in antique pocket watches and vintage wristwatches. The gallery deals in rare timepieces spanning 400 years of horology, from early 16th century pre-balance spring watches, fine quality enamels, complicated repeaters and elegant Art Deco cocktail watches, to contemporary wrist watches by leading houses.

At Fine Art Asia 2017, Somlo Antiques will present a trio of 18ct gold bracelet watches from the “About Time Collection” by Andrew Grima for Omega in 1969, featuring amethyst, aquamarine and tourmaline crystal watch faces. Andrew Grima (1921-2007) was an Anglo-Italian designer who by the mid-1960s had become the doyen of British jewellery design – the Royal and society jeweller of the day - selling designs from his exclusive gallery in Jermyn Street.In 1969, Grima was commissioned by Omega to create one of the most daring collections of watches ever made, the “About Time Collection”. This limited series of watches used striking and avantgarde forms to create the analogy of the passage of time. Grima used precious stones for the watch faces as he focused on “seeing time through gemstones”

Grima won prestigious awards for his contribution to the jewellery industry. His clients included members of the British Royal Family, as well as Barbara Hepworth and Jacqueline Onassis. Today Andrew Grima is recognised as one of the great modernist jewellery designers of the 20th century; perhaps the most influential of the post-war period.

Andrew Grima for Omega
A trio of 18ct gold bracelet watches from the About Time Collection, (from left) The ‘Birds Nest’, ‘Caribbean’ and ‘Pinkerton’ featuring amethyst, aquamarine and tourmaline crystal watch faces
Somlo Antiques, London


Another highlight of Somlo Antiques’ exhibition is a gold pair cased quarter repeating verge watch by Henry Higginson, London, made for the Chinese market in c. 1770. Admitted into the Clockmakers Company in 1724, Henry and his brother Samuel were both highly esteemed makers of watches and watch cases, which were of supreme quality. This particular watch features a red agate case back embellished with gems.


18 carat yellow gold pair cased quarter repeating verge watch,
featuring a red agate case back embellished with gems
c. 1770
H. 5.5 x W. 4 x D. 2.8 cm (including outer case)
Somlo Antiques, London




Fair Organiser

Art & Antique International Fair Ltd (AAIF) was founded in 2005 by well-known antique Chinese furniture dealer Andy Hei to provide a vibrant new platform in the Hong Kong for the art world in Asia and worldwide. The company is the pioneer of art fairs in Hong Kong: its inaugural fair in 2006 was the first international art fair in Hong Kong in more than a decade.

In 2010, Fine Art Asia was recognised as Hong Kong’s first globally acclaimed non-corporate art enterprise brand, featuring internationally renowned fine art and jewellery exhibitors as well as attracting the world’s foremost collectors.

In 2011, Asian contemporary art collector and promoter Calvin Hui joined Fine Art Asia as Co-Chairman and Director, sharing his knowledge of the Asian art market and his public relations network to enhance and continue the expansion of the fair.

Art and Antique International Fair Ltd has successfully held 13 fairs in Hong Kong to date.




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