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Fine Chinese jewellery and high jewellery

Ming¡¦s Aesthetics Collection ring
Cut cornered rectangular fancy yellow diamonds and brilliant cut diamonds set in 18k white gold and yellow gold in black rhodium
Gallery overview
Founded in 1995 by Dickson Yewn, ¡§Yewn¡¨ is a play on words ¡V it is not only Dickson¡¦s family name, but also a homonym of ¡§affinity¡¨ and ¡§luck¡¨ in Chinese. Good fortune and auspicious concepts are always central to Chinese philosophy and culture, represented in many different kinds of wordings, signs and art media in China. Yewn possesses the vision to continue the spirit of this heritage, to revive the fineness and sophistication of Chinese arts and culture, and to become a distinctive jewellery brand that truly represents modern China.
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