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Chinese jades and scholar's items

A turquoise scholar¡¦s rock with original hongmu stand
Qing Dynasty, 18th - 19th century
H. 11 cm (excluding stand)
Provenance: Collection of Madame Florine Langwell (1861-1958), Paris
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Maria Kiang Chinese Art specialises in exquisite Chinese works of art, especially objects for the scholar¡¦s desk. Growing up in a family of antique collectors, Maria Kiang has been surrounded by the finest Chinese works of art all her life and has a passion for the arts of the Chinese literati aesthetic. The scholar¡¦s studio was for centuries a place of creation and a refined expression of Chinese taste. Maria Kiang presents a wide range of works including ceramics, lacquer wares, brush pots and jades, all with the power to inspire creativity and contemplation.
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