Top Time Musa

Booth no: D5

Antique watches, clocks and snuff boxes

An antique French Louis XVI revolving dial mantel clock
Black Belgium marble, red Griotte marble, white marble case with gilt bronze decorations
Revolving dials for the minutes with Arabic numbers and for the hours with Roman numbers. 8-day charge movement with hours and half hours striking
Paris, c. 1780; unsigned
H. 60 x D. 30 cm.

Note: Similar clocks are published in the book “Encyclopédie de la pendule française du moyen âge au XXe siècle” by Pierre Kjellberg
Gallery overview
Founded by Armando Musa in Milan, Italy in 1867, Top Time Musa is a family-run business specialising in antique watches, clocks and snuff boxes. The business started by trading and collecting antique clocks and watches and has passed down four generations of the family. From 1970 the gallery began to specialize increasingly in the antique horological trade. Today the headquarters is at 8 Borgospesso Street and the business is run by Ausano Musa and his two sons Matteo and Sara, who represent the fifth generation of horological experts in the family. They all share a passion for the technically and artistically wonderful objects in which they deal, their profound charm and uniqueness.
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Via Borgospesso, 8 Milano-Lombardia, 20121, Italy
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