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Designed jewellery

Left: Hand-braided cord necklace with rabbit and bi disc, yellow jade with russet markings, Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD), wax amber bead

Right: Hand-braided cord necklace with pair of glass beads, Warring States period (475-221 BC), 4 blue on black pai
Gallery overview
Kai Yin Lo believes that jewellery should be part of life, not merely decoration or a status symbol. With a deep knowledge of Western and Eastern art and history, which sets her creations apart from other luxury brands, she has created a unique style that reflects her understanding of China¡¦s heritage. She is globally recognised as the first designer to bridge the gap between luxury jewellery using precious stones and metals and fashion jewellery. Kai Yin Lo takes iconic forms of Chinese antiquity and reinvents them into contemporary, highly wearable jewellery that reflects central ideas of Chinese culture, past and present.
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3D, Block 2, Estoril Court, 55 Garden Road, Hong Kong (By appointment only)
T: +852 2773 6009
F:+852 2773 6211