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Chinese antiques and works of art

Pair of cabinet
Qiangjin and Caihua lacquer on a red background embellished with baibao inlay
Qing Dynasty, early 18th century
H. 198 L. 127 W. 63.5 cm
Provenance: Old American collection
Gallery overview
Founded by Laurent Colson in 1997, Galerie Luohan is dedicated to classical Chinese furniture, as well as scholar¡¦s objects. Over the years, Galerie Luohan has organized exhibitions and published in-depth essays and catalogues that have introduced Chinese scholar¡¦s taste and lifestyle to a wider public. Today Galerie Luohan is focusing on Chinese lacquer furniture, mainly Imperial, which has been greatly appreciated by high French society for the past 400 years. French aristocrats loved the joyful scenery, vibrant colours and wonderful sheen of Chinese lacquer. At Fine Art Asia 2016, Laurent Colson seeks to reemphasize the importance of lacquer in the overall context of Chinese furniture, showing the creativity of the shapes and decoration, and the wide variety of techniques involved.
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